Ballade Parisienne

Well it’s high time for a good track selection. I spend two weeks on the web to bring you some of my favorite tunes. Right after the very good minimixes recently published on this blog here is a selection you might appreciate.
And just to echo some of the questions we had about our last article by e-mails and comments, indeed folks, Thomas Bangalter ( Half of Daft Punk ) and DJ Falcon were the first to compose Call On Me. They did not officially released this track and only played it during tours in early 2000s.
Our selection starts with this improbable meeting between various artists. Clustering their talent, the result is fresh and appreciable.

I get an instant crush when listening to this French Parisian artist : Le Peere. Take time to visit his Soundcloud and discover the pleasant universe he’s offering with free downloads.

 Pyramid announced a forthcoming EP for the end of this year. Waiting for this release you can enjoy his latest of The Swiss – Kiss To Kiss published on Kitsuné.

Then came the massive and deep slap of the month for French House lovers. A fantastic Mixtape done by Alan Braxe to promote a Vulture event in London fex days ago.

I lately have a chance to pay attention to this GRUM track. Basic and efficient, with some kind of Pryda in it, really adequate for jogging.

And finally two bonus tracks. Best feelings from Paris !

Super Flu and Andhim – Scuzzlebutt (Girl Version)

Kolpe – Look At The Time Original Mix

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