Back in the game

Welcome back ! After a fantastic sumer time being off-line and a crazy reconnection at work this is our first music delivery to get a fresh start. Right before the tremendous days of the Parisian Fashion week. Bref on se met bien pour la reprise les amis !

We start with this really good track done by a duo we are closely following : Classixx. They’re based in Los Angeles, CA but are defining a music which sounds so European. Note the very interesting intro of the track recording city environment noises.

Classixx – Hanging Gardens

Recently, on a total different style from Classixx, Mighty Mouse living in an unidentified place delivered something really interesting and very positive ! It’s Free Download.

As you’ve read in one of our previous post, we’ve been sailing during the summer being off-line. It doesn’t mean we didn’t pay attention to the good vibes at ports. Our conclusion was Ibiza is still a reliable place to find good music dope. Among others, Ian Pooley was played many times with Shrulliver. It sounds like a perfect cocktail between house, nu-disco and sun.

Ian Pooley, Matthias Vogt and MVIP – Shrulliver

Dactylo ! Who is she ? Based in Paris, I discoverd her gigging at Wanderlust – Cité de la mode. She played a really good edit of Bouga – Belsunce Breakdown and was easy DJing hip-hop and electro. She’s also remixing and producing tracks. Here is one of her remix.

We can’t ignore the last track done by Chromeo. Those two dudes are certainly the best crossroads of last decade music genres. They are now closer to Funky beats and it sounds really well.

And finally there is this guy we’ve been lucky to blog years ago. We had a chance to meet this unknown artist and student living in Lyon. He’s now based in Paris and he’s thinking about his next EP. Meantime he maintained his high quality remixer standards.

3 pensées sur “Back in the game”

  1. Welcome back !

    Excellent Pyramid remix, the job is so deep that I really think we could even talk about a NEW TRACK rather than a simple remix !

    « Classixx – Hanging Gardens »
    Great great intro. The melody comes from the Fleetwood Mac – Seven Wonders

    I love Fleetwood Mac, everyone should at least listen to their best of. Stevie Nicks (the singer) is our mother to us all.


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