Kleenex music consumption

Besides blogging and directing art projects for connected arts industry ( Painters / Fashion / Museums ) we are counseling electronic artists about PR, web visibility and enhancement of renown.

Nowadays Internet is almost available worldwide and efficient streaming platforms offer artists unrivalled level of visibility. Because web music consumers tend to click increasingly among this lush music supply, without really paying attention to the author behind a quality track, some tunes can easily reach hundreds of thousands plays without spotlighting their creators. That’s what we use to name ‘Kleenex music consumption ‘ at Diese05 Communication and we know how to address this phenomenon and to enforce artist renown.

Perfect example of unhappy Kleenex music consumption is Tracy Chapman – Give me one reason (The Tailors DJs Remix) which claims more than 325.000 plays on Soundcloud and 150.000 views on Youtube

Meanwhile The Tailors DJs Facebook was liked only 800 times !

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