Cassette at Pacha Sydney

Let’s start a 3-episode session dedicated to mixtapes made by artists we are following on Diese05 here in Paris, France.

First one is dedicated to the Australian female DJ Cassandra P. also known as Cassette.
I discovered her gig during the Pacific Festival Edition 1 in Los Angeles, back in 2010. She offered a complete point of view of fresh tracks she collected worldwide, deep house was already her musical center of gravity. I also attended her mix (done on the top of a truck) one year later during the Pacific Festival Edition 2 just before chatting with Frederick F. And I know she mixed for the third edition too.

Traveling lady in Thailand, California, New York, Bali, NZ, right but not only. She accumulated a huge experience in gigs in her hometown Sydney and was logically selected to be resident at the Pacha club in Sydney for this Australian summer.

Cassette – Pacha Mix (47:52)

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